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La Canne Royale

Larribeau and Humé

La Canne is a unique weapon that holds a significant place in the development of martial arts in the 19th century. It was a weapon for self-defense, taught in boxing and savate clubs across France and Belgium, as well as a tool for gymnastics and physical education. The La Canne was taught to the officer class in military academies and to children in public schools.

This volume presents two mid-century methods for learning the La Canne, each of which encompasses different aspects of its use. The first method is Larribeau's A New Theory of the Art of the Canne, published in 1856. This book primarily focuses on self-defense techniques and introduces lessons against a mannequin as a teaching method. Larribeau's work provides valuable insight into the early development of the La Canne as a weapon of self-defense and how it was taught in the 19th century.

The second method is Humé's Treatise and Theory of La Canne Royale, published in 1862. This work concentrates more on the gymnastic and athletic aspects of the La Canne, highlighting its use as a tool for physical education. Humé's book provides a detailed method describing how the La Canne was used to promote physical fitness and agility among students during a pivotal period in the history of physical education.

Both of these works provide valuable insight into the La Canne before it was codified by Vigny in France and incorporated by others into the composite English martial art of Bartitsu. By examining the different ways in which the La Canne was taught and used in the 19th century, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the history and evolution of this unique weapon.

Whether you are a practitioner of La Canne or simply interested in the history of martial arts, the insights provided by these two mid-century methods are sure to be of interest to you.

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