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Fencing Throught the Ages

Adolphe Corthey

Adolphe Corthey, a prominent figure in the history of French fencing, conducted an important study into the styles of swordsmanship of former times. He skillfully translated his findings into public demonstrations, which not only astonished the general public but also helped to popularize fencing as a sport. Corthey's demonstration events were so impressive that they drew admiring crowds throughout the Continent.

This volume is a tribute to Corthey's invaluable contributions to the sport of fencing. It collects two of his most influential works, both of which shed light on the development and transformation of swordsmanship throughout history. In Fencing through the Ages, Corthey traces the evolution of swordsmanship from its primitive beginnings through a series of developments, culminating in the modern art that we recognize today. He provides a detailed account of the different techniques and styles that have been employed by swordsmen throughout the ages. This work is an invaluable resource for historians of swordsmanship, as it presents a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Corthey's On the Subject of the Transformation of the Combat Sword is a persuasive argument for the alteration of the shape of the dueling sword to take advantage of the previous hundred years of development in fencing theory. He argues that by doing so, swordsmen can better protect themselves and gain an advantage in combat. This work is an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the design of fencing equipment.

In addition to these two works, the volume also includes a number of items from contemporary press reporting on Corthey's demonstration events. These reports provide fascinating insights into the public reaction to Corthey's performances and the growing popularity of fencing as a sport. Finally, the volume contains a brief biography of Corthey, taken from a who's who of the nineteenth-century fencing world. This biography sheds light on the life and achievements of this remarkable figure.

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