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Archives of the Masters of Arms of Paris

Henri Daressy

Archives of the Masters of Arms of Paris is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of fencing in France. This fascinating book provides an in-depth look at the Corporation of the Master in Deeds of Arms of Paris, which was founded in 1567 and played a central role in regulating the conduct and teaching of fencing in Paris for over two centuries.

During its long and storied history, the Corporation attracted many of the most celebrated names in the French fencing world. From Pompée and Cavalcabo to Saint-Ange, de la Touche, le Perche, Liancour, De Brye, Danet, and Boëssière, the organization was home to some of the most talented and influential fencing masters of its time.

Henry Daressy, himself from a family of famous fencing teachers, spent thirty years collecting the scattered documents of the Corporation, culminating in his publication of Les Archives des Maîtres d'Armes de Paris in 1888. In this book, he presents a comprehensive account of the Corporation's history, tracing the evolution of its rules and regulations over time and detailing its legal battles with unlicensed fencing teachers.

But Archives of the Masters of Arms of Paris is more than just a dry historical account - Daressy also includes a number of brief portraits of famous members of the organization, providing a glimpse into the lives and personalities of some of the most important figures in French fencing history. This book is a treasure trove of information for amateur historians, and is sure to be of interest to anyone who loves the sport of fencing or wants to learn more about the rich cultural history of France.

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